Before, During and After Your Reading

Before your reading

Try to focus your mind in the hour before the session. Put aside other things that are concerning you and tune in to the situation at hand so you can more clearly identify what you want to achieve.

During your reading

Turn off your mobile phone, not only to avoid interruptions.

Make sure you will not be disturbed if there are others in the same property.

You may be bursting with things to say, but let us give you the chance to set the scene and adjust to your situation

Feel free to take notes, but we do give you a set of notes at the end.

You hear what you need to hear unless there are difficulties, so if you do not understand something, simply ask us to repeat it and listen carefully so your ‘left brain’ does not block something it does not want to hear.

For readings in person, we form a ‘safe triangle’ with you, avoiding the intensity of a one-to-one encounter. We divide our time between the analytical side and the counselling/coaching side.

After your reading

After the reading you are likely to feel a sense of relief and elation and it is important to take time to process what you have experienced and to ‘heal’.

The best thing you can do is to have a quiet time free of the telephone or computer.

It is not a good idea to explain to someone else what you have just experienced. Sleep on it!

When you receive your written report, we suggest you sit down in a quiet place away from other people, focus on the subject matter, and read it through more than once.

Try not to react straight away to what you read, but let it sink in. Make notes about anything you do not understand, leave it to ‘cook’ and then write to us with any further questions or concerns.

“Your reading for me blew me away – I am especially grateful – it arrived at the exact perfect time when I needed to read your advice and insights. ”

— JP

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