Q and A

Q – How many sessions are required before a difficult problem can be solved?
A  – It may take less time than you think. Sometimes we cannot see what is in front of our eyes. We call it ‘the elephant in the room’

Q  How do I know if I will benefit
A – No professional can give an outright undertaking that an intervention will be successful. However, if you the client have a strong desire to sort out your problem then you will be guided to the person who can help you even though your left brain does not know what is going to ‘happen’.

Q – Can I have a discussion with you before a session
A – We are delighted to talk with you to explore whether the chemistry is good. We offer a free 15 minute chat before you need to commit yourself

Q – Do you do face to face consultations
A – We do. We are in Somerset, Midsomer Norton, and you are welcome to come by appointment. The results are the same whether you see us in person or remotely.

Q – Can I ask about my friends, my partner or those who have departed
A – Strangely – or not so – we can respect the laws of confidentiality. We are all linked to everyone on the planet via universal consciousness. If they do not wish to be read, then we cannot get through to them. On the other hand, some are open to being contacted and we are able to give healing.

Q – Do you work on ZOOM or SKYPE
A – Yes we do, and also via the phone. Internet phone calls are good because they are free of charge. The calls are recorded so you can play them again and hear material that you did not hear the first time. It happens!

Q – How do I pay?
A – The system attached to this website takes payment but you can pay by direct debit of paypal. Payment is required prior to the reading.

Q – Can you help people urgently?
A – If your need is urgent we will try and see you within a few days.

Q – Do you offer healing?
A – Strangely, diagnosis and healing operate on the same psychic channels. As we work, so you feel better (as many clients tell us).

Q -I find it difficult to trust
A – This is alas all too common in this day and age. That is why we have an initial free chat.

Q – I am not sure what my problem is
A – Don’t worry that is our  job. We will figure it out and help you clear your mind.


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