Terms & Conditions

  • You are 18 years of age or over
  • Any readings or services at all with Brian Snellgrove are for entertainment, spiritual or educational purposes only.
  • No Psychic consultation or Tarot reading, Tuition, Animal healing or Spiritual healing received from Brian Snellgrove takes the place of any services including but not limited to medical, veterinarian , legal, financial, psychological or any other health professionals advice or treatment.
  • No intuitive reading, tuition or healing of persons or animals is 100% accurate or can be responsible in any way for any cures or resolution to any problems/ difficulty you may be experiencing.
  • Regardless of whatever information is communicated to you by Brian Snellgrove during a reading, or via his website, or tuition, given by Brian Snellgrove, or any healing services of people or animals by Brian Snellgrove, he accepts no liability for any decisions you may make as a result of any consultation or services received whatsoever by Brian Snellgrove. Anything Brian Snellgrove has foreseen may be changed, prevented or affected by your own life path, decisions, self will and determination.
  • Brian Snellgrove is not responsible for any choices or behaviours you experience following receiving any services at all from Brian Snellgrove including but not limited to tuition, psychic reading or healing of yourself, your dependents or your animals, and cannot be seen in no way accountable for any circumstances arising in your life following any communication or service at all with Brian Snellgrove.
  • Any suggestions and products offered to you (including but not limited to homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower remedies, natural remedies, food stuffs’ minerals, vitamins etc) or on your animals given to you by Brian Snellgrove are taken entirely at your own risk, and that Brian Snellgrove is not responsible for any efficacy or effects of such products in any way whatsoever. That you understand and accept that Brian Snellgrove is a qualified life coach but not a qualified homeopath, naturopath, reflexologist, Cranio Sacral therapist or Masseur and that all suggestions made to you on any product or services are received with your full acceptance of this.
  • You have obtained full permission from your veterinarian / medical practitioner for any healing, remedies, or suggestions given by Brian Snellgrove for yourself and your animals.
  •  You agree to completely hold blameless and absolutely indemnify Brian Snellgrove from any and all possible losses, liabilities and/or damages that may arise from the use of any of him services, remedies, suggestions, healings , tuitions or any communications with him and that this include him heirs, relatives, agents or assignees in perpetuity and throughout all known or unknown universes.
  • Copyright and confidentiality laws apply. You agree you will not publish, display, share, distribute and/or archive any material, photo, content, etc. without express written permission from Brian Snellgrove.
    Social Media: You may share my content and videos on appropriate social media outlets (such as but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Digg, Facebook and Tumblr) as long as appropriate attribution is given. For permission to share my content on other avenues please contact me.
  • That Brian Snellgrove does not state that his provided services will meet your needs, or that they will be without error, or current. That Brian Snellgrove cannot be held responsible for time delays arising from circumstances beyond his control.

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