“Thank you, this is a really insightful reading. I recognize all of the things you mentioned. It might take some time for me to process all of this, because there is so much truth in this that I might not have been willing to see before.” Julia – Finland

“You have confirmed what I believe too and that’s very helpful. Many, many Thanks” Ruth UK

“When I left the study centre early in 1999 I had a personal consultation with you at your home; as far as I remember, you predicted correctly which job I would take next, in the light of several choices. In fact , I worked as a ‘backroom girl’ for Dr **** (widow of **** ) on a conference she was preparing for the summer of 2000 at Oxford.” Rona, Haifa

“Thank you very much for your reading. I will take time to digest what you have shared.
If a further question arises, I will be in touch. God bless you” Jenny, UK

“You have ‘hit the nail on the head’ re the factors: money, better lifestyle, lack of assertiveness in allowing others to take advantage – so i wholeheartedly agree – in fact I felt quite emotional reading the latter part of your reply.” Pat, UK

“thank you so much for the really thoughtful and lovely healing you gave to me on Saturday after the main big day event. It was great to meet you anyhow that day. Truly good, good day.” Camilla, Scotland

“You are so accurate it’s amazing” Lynn, UK

“Brian – you are amazing – I do understand and thank you – so amazingly accurate to how I see this relationship – you are incredibly gifted man. I appreciate I and only I am in control of my life. Thank you so much Brian.” Lulu, Suffolk

“Reading your summary made me smile – it’s pretty accurate. Sometimes it is good to have an outside view of oneself. Connecting with my aura you must have injected some energy into me. Yesterday I felt really bad with excruciating toothache. It actually forced me to not do anything and rest. Today I woke early feeling energised and enthusiastic again. Thank you!” Maria, London

“Thank you very much and this has helped me a lot!” Stuart, South Africa

“Your message is clear as a bell, and I highly respect your factual work. It’s all very interesting indeed. I obviously picked up on the integrity issue. Eye-opening about what can happen to people whose kundalini has activated too soon, and the effect that can have on one.” Hatzy, Cyprus

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