What is an intuitive reading?

We help you identify what you feel intuitively but cannot put into words

Intuitives have the ability to tune into people and understand what makes them tick.

Through a focused reading, an intuitive can identify someone’s strengths and weaknesses, and where they might be struggling in life.

Often this will simply confirm what the subject already knew or suspected, but that confirmation can be incredibly liberating.

In other cases, the intuitive will be able to unblock insights the subject would never come to alone.

“I have no idea how you do it, but you have lifted a weight from my shoulders. I have a new insight and understanding of my relationship with someone very close to me.”

— Lawrence

Shine a light on energy imbalances

Chakras are centres of energy that are intertwined with the human body. An intuitive with the right experience can perceive imbalances that might be causing problems in someone’s life.

They can also investigate someone’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy levels to offer an overall diagnosis of how they are faring both within themselves and in relation to others, whether family members, partners or colleagues.

Timeless. Boundless

Traditionally, all this was done in person, but the gift of intuition is not bound by physical space, so a suitably experienced intuitive can also read someone remotely, including by phone, email or video.

Equally, our energies are not bound by time, so intuitives can go back and examine someone’s whole life from the moment of conception to identify any damage done.


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